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Keys for 1991-1996 Acura NSX

Honda HD103 Key

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Acura/NSX  is a two-seat mid engine sports car. The first generation NSX (1990-2005) was manufactured in Japan. With a $60,000 starting price tag, 18,000 were sold worldwide. About half found their way onto US roadways. It was Acura NSX in the states; the rest of the world NSX was distributed through Honda. The two-door all aluminum coupe is rear wheel drive. It’s worth mentioning, Acura has steadfastly refused to embrace rear wheel drive vehicles. This philosophy was inherited from the parent company Honda. The only notable exceptions NSX and S2000, another sports car. Production stopped on the first generation NSX in 2005.

After numerous delays the long anticipated second generation NSX began rolling off the Marysville OH assembly line in 2016. Unlike the first, the second generation is manufactured in the United States. Acura/Honda are pioneers in manufacturing cars where they are sold whenever possible. Although the MSRP was a little over $150,000, the second generation VIN # 001 NSX sold at auction in Scottsdale AZ for 1.2 million dollars. The proceeds went to charity. Formula 1 racing and fighter jets inspired the aerodynamic production super car. Acura offers an environmentally friendly all wheel drive hybrid NSX.

NSX (1991-1996) was a keyed ignition. (Ilco part number HD103) was the non-transponder ignition and door key.

NSX (1997-2005) used Honda Type 1A keyed ignition system. They were among the first cars in the US to offer anti-theft transponder technology. The transponder key used was (Ilco part number HD106-PT), which was embedded with the Megamos (13) Fixed Code chip.  The non-transponder service key was (Ilco part number HD103).

Additional keys can be programmed for (1997-2005) NSX with a diagnostic or cloning tool. A standard key machine can be used to cut all first generation Acura NSX keys. The key code series is 5001-8442.

NSX (2017) has a smart prox key fob ( part # 72147-T6N-A01 or 72147-T6N-A11) with emergency key. A special laser key machine and diagnostic tool is needed. The key code series is K001-N718.

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