Respect the key!

I become interested in keys as child

I'm George Stone. As a child, keys fascinated me. I couldn't wait for mom to put her keys down. When she did, I would pick them up. She thought I was just playing with her keys. I studied each house door key and car ignition key she had. I am more fascinated by keys today than when I was a boy.

Boats on the bridge and cars in the water makes sense

The new Woodrow Wilson drawbridge spans the Potomac River from Maryland to Virginia. It’s an ultra modern marvel. The new bridge was constructed because the old one was literally falling into the river. In some spots you could see the Potomac through the old bridge. It was a nightmare. It was not uncommon for a tractor-trailer to lose its load while crossing. The standing joke was the Woodrow Wilson the only bridge in the world that had boats on the bridge and cars in the water. Very strange  boats on a bridge; but not as strange as beauty salon employees trying to make car keys; or a convenience store worker attempting to cut door keys.  Boats on a bridge makes more sense.

Too many monkeys

If you need a key made  go to Believe Keys can be duplicated by anyone? How hard could it be? Put a blank in the machine and cut. Right? Wrong, a trained monkey can do that. Oh my goodness, there are a lot of monkeys out there, apologies to primates. If you need a flat screen TV or lumber, go to a big box store. If you need a candy bar or a bag of potato chips, go to a vending machine kiosk.  If you need keys made go to, Respect the key!  Respect the key!