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Acura/CL is a two-door mid-size car. In the United States 156,000 were sold from 1995 to 2003, 18% in 1997 the best year. It was manufactured in Marysville OH beside Hondas; making the CL the first Acura built in America. From annoying to serious, CL was plagued with problems. Whistling side mirrors, rattling windows, sunroof seals that could pop out when the sunroof was opened, faulty ignition switches that allow the key to be removed even if the car was in motion and defective transmissions were just some of the issues according to Consumer Guide Automotive.

The first generation (1995-1998) was a non-transponder keyed ignition.

The second generation CL (1998-2003) used Honda Type 2A or 2C keyed ignition system. CLs were among the first cars in the US to use anti-theft transponder technology. The transponder key used was (Ilco part number HD106-PT), which was embedded with the Megamos (13) Fixed Code chip. The non-transponder service key was (Ilco part number HD103). A separate keyless entry 4-button remote is available.

Additional keys can be programmed for the (1998-2003) CLs with a diagnostic or cloning tool. When a diagnostic tool is used all existing keys must be present during the programming procedure. Working keys not present will be erased from memory and will not start the vehicle after the programming procedure. They can be added later if desired. A standard key machine can be used to cut all Acura CL keys. The key code series is 5001-8442.

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