Toyota Corona was imported into the United States from 1966 until it was replaced by Camry in 1983.

In 1958 The Toyota Toyopet Crown became the first Japanese car imported into the United States. Although successful in Japan, the Toyota Toyopet Crown was a complete failure in America. Less than 700 Crowns were sold in 1960. The Crown almost killed Toyota’s prospects in the States. Toyota knew if they could sell cars in the United States, they could sell cars anywhere. Toyota learned from the Crown. The next vehicles Toyota sold in America would be built for Americans. The US auto buyer was willing to take another look at Toyota. This time Toyota had the cars Americans wanted: Corona and later the Corolla (both translate to crown).

Corona had immediate impact. After Corona’s introduction to the US market, sales rose dramatically. When Corolla was introduced a short time later sales increased even more. With Corona and Corolla Toyota found its niche in the American automobile market. Corona and Corolla are the little cars that could. It is impossible to overstate the impact of these two models. Stop at any traffic light and Toyotas will surround you. Heck you might even be driving one. Were it not for Corona and Corolla, Toyota would not be in the United States today. Furthermore, there would probable be no Hondas, Nissans or Mazdas in the States as well. will replace a Toyota Corona key. Located in the Chillum Shopping Center in Hyattsville MD. is just a subway trip from Metro Center. If you need a Toyota Corona ignition or door car key made, go to Respect the Key!  Respect the key!